Collage3TAASC has 50 kayaks including 9 tandems, six singles with outriggers, and a variety of adaptive equipment. Lessons, open paddling, special events, and group outings are scheduled throughout the summer.

TAASC’s 12 instructors, certified by the American Canoe Association, teach individual and group lessons. Lessons are taught on an enclosed lake in a no-wake zone.

TAASC partners with Columbus Audubon for Birding By Kayak open to people with and without disabilities.

Essential Eligibility Criteria: All persons must be able to do the following in order to paddle with TAASC:
* Keep a life vest on while on the water.
* Stay seated in the boat.
* Keep their head above water in case of capsizing or while wearing a Type 1 life vest.
* Keep lips closed in case of capsize.
* Use a trach tube that can be closed off.

How to Register: Go to the TAASC Event Calendar to view events, fees and registration details.

Fees: Generally, the cost is $20 per Adult or non-member and $10 per child or disability member although fees vary for some events.