• Valerie   Michael had a great time skiing last weekend!! Thanks so much to TAASC and all the wonderful volunteers!
  • Kimberly   Thanks for a great day of skiing yesterday. I don’t know the last time I saw Kyra happier! OK, maybe the last time we were at MRM with TAASC.
  • Stephanie   Thank you does not adequately express our appreciation for the life changing impact that TAASC has on our son. Eric’s skiing experience on Saturday was way more than “just” an awesome time skiing on a beautiful snowy day! It was Aaron Sullivan and Bruce Nelson and Preston Shepard mentoring our son in life! They demonstrate to Eric that he truly CAN do anything he puts his mind to! Watching these men navigate their world and seeing their positive outlook and persistence is a gift they are giving Eric that we cannot give him. Then, the ripple effect begins, and when Eric returns to his “little world”, there are other younger children who are looking up to him, as he looks up to Aaron, Bruce and Preston. The beauty of it brings me to tears. And to think, you all just wanted to offer adaptive sports, but instead you are offering a network of support and life training!
  • Chrissy  Lyssa is excited for her first day of ski club this Thursday at Snow Trails. Thank you TAASC for helping make this happen!!
  • Laura   Had a great time rowing–my first time. Thanks to Columbus Rowing Association for helping with the logistics!
  • Josie    If you have never done kayaking with TAASC, give it a try! My son Jared did weekly kayaking over two summers with TAASC. He progressed from having someone in the kayak with him to having a kayak that has pontoons on either side to independently paddling a regular kayak. This has allowed our family to add kayaking to our list of outdoor activities when we go on vacation. Give it a try! The TAASC people are awesome!